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By Drakes
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Aug 20th, 2013

Distressed Tagline


Drake’s, like the guy who named it (Brian McCarty), and the guy it’s named for (Bruce Drake), is a free-wheeling, fun-loving kind of joint. A place to hang out and let your hair down. A neighborhood joint with a little something for everyone. Legend has it, Bruce couldn’t sleep one night. So he grabbed his keys and went out in search of a good burger, a decent beer and maybe even some good music all under one roof. To his surprise, that heavenly place did not exist. Most people would have given up and gone back to bed. But Bruce hit speed dial and said, “Brian? Wake up buddy, I have this idea…”

The rest is delicious history. Drake’s was born. A restaurant that’s big on craft beer and a bar that’s even bigger on food. Family-friendly by day, bustling during dinner and a party after dark. Come see what Drake’s is all about.


Mark Thornburg, Bruce Drake, Brian McCarty